Sets of collets and feed fingers for AS67:


E.55+ E.50+ E.46+ E.41+ E.36+ E.32 ++ T.59.3+ T.59.2+ T.56+ T.55+ T.53+ T.52T.50+ T.48+ T.46+ T.46.2+ T.44+ T.40+ T.38+ T.34+ T.33+ T.29 + SQUARE 35


Cams and counter cams for main slide 16-22-25-28-30-36 mm

12 sets installed in the machine plus 4 spare ones

N. 4 recessing attachments

Several tool holders for the main slide and side slides 20/25

N. 1 original burnishing head Gr.6

N. 1 burnishing head with single roll

N. 1 complete reaming and threading attachment

N. 1 longitudinal turning attachment for slide with cams

N. 2 quick change collet holder sleeves by Unilock with tooling device


Complete sets of production gears

Complete sets of spindle speed gears

Excellent shape.