LATHE no. 1

Complete with threading/reaming case and Giovanni Cucchi bar loader.

LATHE no. 2

No threading/reaming case, with thread chasing case and IEMCA bar feeder.

Sets of collets and feed fingers for AS32:

Round 16+ Round 19 + Round 20+ Round 21+ Round 22+ Round 24+ Round 26+ Round 27+ Round 28+ Round 29.2+ Round 30+ Round 32+ E.12+ E.13+ E.15+ E.16+ E17+ E.18+ E19+ E.20 (2 SETS) + E.24 + E.25 + E.27 + E.28+ SQUARE 19+



Besides the accessories already installed in the machine (machines used for production therefore complete with radial tool holders, supports and frontal drill holders), the machine also features:

N. 6 main feed cams ranging from 10 mm to 25 mm

N. 2 shaving attachments

N. 2 radial burnishing heads GR3

N. 1 Wagner frontal threading attachment

N. 1 reaming/threading attachment

N. 1 thread chasing attachment

N. 1 rotating milling attachment (Gildemeister no. 324-300-000)

N. 1 frontal stroke multiplier device

N. 2 fast drilling attachments

N. 3 recessing attachments

Several spare tool holders, both frontal and radial ones. Radial tool holders can be used both for dovetail tools and tool bits.

Several new spare parts

The machines are sold together with tools, complete cycles, spindle speed and production gears.