LATHE no. 1

Featuring Giovanni Cucchi bar bundle loader, pickup and threading attachment.

LATHE no. 2

No bar loader. Hydraulic pickup by Autor and threading attachment included.

Sets of collets and feed fingers for AS48::

T.20+ T.25+ T.26+ T.27+ T.27.5+ T.28+ T.29+ T.29.2+ T.30+ T.33+ T.35+T.36+ T.37+ T.38+ T.38.2+ T.39+ T.40+ T.42+ T.43+ T.45+ T.46.2+ T.48++E.41+ +E.32+ E.30+ E.27+ SQUARE15+ SQUARE16+ SQUARE22+ SQUARE+ SQUARE25+ SQUARE30+

CAMS FOR MAIN SLIDE installed in the machine plus spare cams.

CAMS FOR SLIDE radial ones installed in the machine plus spare cams.


N. 1 burnishing head GR6
N. 2 Fette radial burnishing heads T.27
N. 1 recessing attachment
N. 1 thrust recessing attachment
N. 2 additional oil pumps

Front and radial tool holders installed in the machine (10/12) plus spare ones. More accessories plus complete cycles and spindle speed and production gears.