The GWM Group is specialised in the manufacturing of multi-spindle lathes. Our different departments research, test and develop all the components, special equipment and mechanical, electrical and electronic systems necessary to build a machine.
To build a new machine we can both start from a used one from our inventory or from an old machine our customers wish to retrofit.


We select the best machines suitable for retrofitting thanks to our strong presence in the market.


The used multi-spindle lathe is stripped of all mechanical and electrical components and left only with the mechanical parts that will still be used after an accurate refurbishment.
Bearings and support bushings are removed and replaced and so is the electrical system.


The machine frame is overhauled in order to restore the original precision and the outer diameter of the spindle carrier. All surfaces and slide guides are ground while gibs are replaced and shaved. The components that cannot be restored are built anew in our premises.


The machine rough structure and housing are first degreased and plastered and then painted according to the customer’s needs. After installing all the mechanical and electrical components, the machine is ready for the run-off tests.


The run-off tests are carried out by our experts. We perform turning tests and check all the geometric alignments and the proper operation of the lubrication system. We run in the spindles and examine all sensors and safety devices.

Effectiveness and high precision: this is the result of our retrofitting process.