Amedeo Taiariol moves to Milan and establishes the company Costruzioni Meccaniche Amedeo Taiariol.
Mauro Taiariol starts working in the family business together with his brother.
Daniele Cerasuolo joins the company as a salesman initially dealing with Piedmont and later covering the whole of Italy and France.
Mid ‘80s
GWM is the first company in Italy to market multi-spindle lathes.
Early ‘90s
Mauro Taiariol and Daniele Cerasuolo leave the family business established in 1944 by Amedeo Taiariol and open two new facilities in Capriate and Brembate.
The GWM plants move to the new factory in Suisio.


In 1978 Mauro Taiariol starts working together with his brother in the family business established by their father Amedeo in 1944.
Daniele Cerasuolo joins the company in 1982 as a salesman covering Piedmont first and then the whole of Italy and France. There he meets the man who is still our sales representative for France.
Mauro starts signing agreements with renowned traders in Germany, the leading market for the purchase of used machines. In the mid ‘80s GWM is the first company in Italy to market multi-spindle lathes and in the early ‘90s Mauro and Daniele decide to leave the family business to devote themselves entirely to GWM.
The first location of the company is a warehouse rented from a carrier in Milan.
In the early ‘90s, GWM buys a facility in Capriate and another one in Brembate, both in the Bergamo area.
Two engineers specialised in machine rebuilding start working for the company while GWM buys additional facilities in Suisio.

GWM is now enhancing its manufacturing abilities and expanding to the US market thanks to the partnerships established by Daniele.
A small company of electricians specialised in pioneering electronic applications starts working alongside the main company.
GWM experiences a skyrocketing growth and this leads to the gathering of all the activities of the company to a single facility in Suisio in 2008.
Mauro and a notable German trader found GWM Deutschland and Daniele establishes GWM Asia while keeping successful partnerships in the USA.
More recently also Spain and Turkey are added to the list of our flourishing partnerships.
Today our machines are the result of the perfect alliance between three companies: GWM Multispindle Service, with the experienced hands of its passionate CEO, Marco Colombo, GWM Italia, which invented no-camshaft multi-spindle lathes under the leadership of Adriano Fontana and GWM Automation, specialised in electrical installations, electronic devices and software. At present, the GWM Group manufactures and sets up multi-spindle lathes on a worldwide customer base and is able to meet the needs of the major German and American giants in the automotive and industrial fields.

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